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Veg Recipes

Here you get all the Veg Recipes like curries, parathas, cutlets, pulav etc made at home that you people love and want.

Nonveg Recipes

Here you get all the Nonveg Recipes like chicken curry, mutton curry, biryanis, tandur etc madeat home that you people love and want.

Cook for Love

There is no any secret that to hide our expression for love of food ,
and we at Food Prisoner urge one and all to celebrate love of food that narrates personal,
heartfelt anecdotes of love voiced through cooking!

Cooking Inspiration from Mumma

My mumma is a supub cook, she knows how to treat with it and make something new recipes. My mumma has a unique way of preparing every recipe pretty much delicious. She ensures that even the vegetables that we hate, taste awesome. So I get inspiration from her to make it more pretty and delicious.

Relationship with a Food

The Food Prisoner tagline is the relationship with a food. According to our tagline Food is fabulous and relationship with it make u healthy and happy  so dont say no to any food. and the real happiness is the Good Food.


As our tagline says that a Relationship with food, so gallery is also full with the variety of items- veg and nonveg.  

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