About us

Firstly I introduce myself.  My name is Pradnya Ravi Nakahle. I am a girl with having an interest in cooking food, always trying to make something new which you people love and want.

My interest in cooking, I decided to start a new blog- Food Prisoner.

So My website www.foodprisoner.co.in will give you the various types of veg and nonveg items.


There’s some good stuff on here. So for now, I’ve chosen not to actively update it.  New recipes and updates will be found on my blog, but I will post here, as well, when I post something “foodie.” So you won’t miss anything!                                                                      I enjoy making, eating and sharing food with friends and family and introducing my (often) picky toddler to different flavors and cuisines.

Aside from sharing what I’ve learned and what I’m cooking, I hope to also blog about our trips, life with a toddler and our adventures around India.

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